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Interview Experience – MSW(CODP)

The candidate has done her graduation in English Literature Extempore topic : Indian Economy is recovering after Pandemic. Panelist 1Asked me about my academic background. MeI answered and also related it to why I want this course. Panelist 1Asked me whether I am aware of the challenges in this field and the social workers not […]

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tiss interview questions

Interview Experience – Social Entrepreneurship

The candidate is a UPSC aspirant , graduated in 2017 from civil engineering from RVCE, Bangalore Extempore : Social and Technical Innovation can transform human for better. Agree or disagree? Tell me about yourself Applied for what all courses and justify the preference of courses. Have you applied for B-School (Candidate was a UPSC Aspirant)

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hrm&lr interview questions

Interview Experience – HRM&LR

Extempore: Tech Layoff should be regularised.Gap – 1 year Candidate has pursued Bachelor of Computer Applications from Jaipur National University. Introduce Yourself and Why HRM? Challenge he faces as House Captian in school time.(He mentioned in DAF) Learning from teaching kids in neighbourhood (He mentioned in DAF) How AI will take over humans in HR.

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Books For TISS ODCL Interview

ODCL is the only course for which TISS has recommended books to read and questions from it always asked in the interview very overtly. At TISSNETPrep, we have provided the complete summary of books(in terms of notes & videos) for important topics which are asked in the interview as a part of course specific content.

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Development Studies – Interview Experience

Avantika Kalra is a student Economics from DU. She was also Millennium Fellow, Class of 2021 by United Nations Academic Impact. She represented Project RISE which is a voluntary collective program run by students of IPCW, University of Delhi for the welfare of visually impaired children. She has also done a certificate course- ‘Introduction to

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