Interview Experience – Data Analytics

Extempore Topic : Digital Divide is detrimental to society.

Graduation: E&C Engineering in 2020

Prepared for civil services for one year.

Workex – working in Sakon and Telecom Expense Analyst from past 2 years

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Reason to join (asked by twice by two panel members )

Asked if he is good at Maths & statistics (as candidate in an engineering graduate)

  1. Asked how to conceptual meaning of differentiation and integration. How would he explain to a child.
  2. Asked about final year project ( Fabric Defect Detection) , application of project and case study on this project.
  3. How does Data analytics helps in inclusive growth.
  4. Application of Data Analytics in social sector.
  5. What is SDGs in the basic roles.
  6. How to use Analytics in achieving SDGs
  7. Why only TISS any other college options you have.
  8. Have you read about analytics course, have you referred any books or sources
  9. Why do you think you are a best fit for it ?
  10. Your encounter of data Analytics in real life experience.

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