TISSNETPrep.com is a one stop solution for complete and effective preparation for TISSNET / TISSMAT

Everything you require for TISSNET / TISSMAT preparation is available to you at one dedicated website which you won’t find it anywhere. With our’s year of experience in the exam, we got everything for in a learning portal to ease your preparation

Practical approach

With the “learn by doing” methodology ,we ensure you that you retain maximum and gain confidence in what you have learned.

Selected  TISSNET Content

We have very minutely selected the content strictly according to TISSNET & TISSMAT.We have tried best to include each and everything which can be possibly asked

Community Learning

Social learning is what makes preparation interesting and competetive for all the aspirants. Join our FB Group for Daily Quiz and doubt discussion.

Learn from the Only dedicated portal for TISSNET in a effective way and with content designed for you.

Boost your preparation and make it interesting,effective and enjoyable at the same time. Be a distant mark ahead with the CUT-OFF.

Check-out our various TISSNET Courses

Turbo TISSNET Mocks

10 Full-Length Mock+15 Sectional Mocks
  • 10 Full-Length Mocks
  • 15 Sectional Mocks
  • Detailed Mock Analysis
  • 24x7 Doubt Support on WhatsApp
  • One to One Mentoring for startegy
  • Past Year Question Papers as Exams

Turbo TISSNET Course

Covers Everything for TISSNET Preparation
  • Focussed TISSNET GK Course
  • Live Classes- (3 Days in a week)
  • 150+ Videos for Quants/LR/DI
  • 60+ Video lectures for English
  • 13 Full-Length Mocks
  • 15 Sectional Mocks
  • Detailed Mock Analysis
  • 4000+ Topic-wise practice Questions from all sections
  • 24x7 Doubt Support on WhatsAPP
  • One to One Mentoring for startegy
  • Past Year Question Papers as Exams


10 FL Mocks+ GK Course + 15 Sectional Mocks
  • Focussed TISSNET GK Course Content
  • 10 Full-Length Mock
  • 15 Sectional Mocks
  • Detailed Mock Analysis
  • 2000+ Topic-wise practice Questions
  • 24x7 Doubt Support on WhatsAPP
  • One to One Mentoring for startegy
  • Past Year Question Papers as Exams

Why choose TISSNETPrep over Others?


We just teach for TISSNET.Each videos,live classes topics,pdfs,mock tests is specifically made for TISSNET. You just have to follow the classes and course material diligently.

Course FEES

The pricing is very low to what all we offer ie. complete course material for each section,live classes,mock tests,personal mentorship,24X7 Doubt resolution support.


Topics laid out in intuitive fashion, course broken into modules. Pick your schedule, learn at your pace.

practice and revision sessions

Not only we prepare and complete the syllabus for the exam in a focussed way,but we ensure that you have practiced and revised atleast two times.

Content is not a commodity

One needs a smart and fast approaches to learn,practice and retain for a cut-throat competetion. We have done that for you.

100% refund

why pay for the classes/courses you don’t like?
We offer 100% refund for the first 10 days from the time you enroll for the course except for Mock Tests.

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