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Candidate Profile – The candidate has completed his graduation in mechanical engineering from SCT college engineering, Trivandrum Kerala in 2019. He was into UPSC civil services exam preparation from 2019 to 2022. He volunteered with SDRF in the  Kerala floods of 2018, was an NSS volunteer at College and was also a member of the Covid Brigade volunteer group. Other passions include teaching and badminton. 

Extempore Topic-Corporate loan defaulters and farm loan waivers

Interview Questions-

1.) Geopolitical crisis in Afghanistan and its impact

2.) The reasons for quitting UPSC preparation

3.) Issues in your state ( Kerala )

4.) The reason for joining TISS, why not other management schools?

5.) List the values you have that can help you make a good candidate in the course.

6.) Engineering Thermodynamics related question based on engineering background

7.) Indo China relations and their implications.

8.) What are your goals after graduating from TISS

9.) A question on youngs modulus, entropy and enthalpy and its application in your life. 

10.) Migration of people from the state of Kerala to Gulf countries.

11.) Why you made HRM your first preference and Social entrepreneurship the last

12.) Talk about some Theories in HRM

3 member panel. The panel was friendly and accommodative, there was a small chat before the extempore topic was given. The panel mademe totally comfortable before starting.It was a bit grilling when questions came from core engineering.

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