ODCL – Interview Experience

Candidate Profile – BE (CSE) in 2016, SAP Functional consultant in Infosys for 2yrs,  Selected in Indian Airforce but didn’t join, UPSC civil services prep (4yrs)

Extempore Topic-
Topic 1 – Value of wrist watch in digital age
Topic 2 – Role of appearance in making impression

Interview Questions-

M1 – Introduce yourself

M1 – How have you prepared for the interview?

Which book and what topics?

Any models?

Justify your gap years to recruiters during placements

M3 – Have you read any personality traits theories? You were selected as a military officer, what personality traits do you associate yourself with?

You said you identify yourself with soft power, What are an OD professionals soft skills and hard skills? Explain some models?

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