Books For TISS ODCL Interview

ODCL is the only course for which TISS has recommended books to read and questions from it always asked in the interview very overtly.

At TISSNETPrep, we have provided the complete summary of books(in terms of notes & videos) for important topics which are asked in the interview as a part of course specific content.

Aspirants can download the book for Interview Preparation here :

1.2. Organization Development: Behavioral Science Interventions For Organizational Improvement [6th Edition] by Wendell L. French, Cecil H. Bell Jr., and Veena Vohra [Pearson].

2. Organization Development: Accelerating Learning and Transformation [Second Edition] by S. Ramnarayan and T. V. Rao [Sage].

3. Organization Development: A practitioner’s guide for OD and HR by Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge and Linda Holbeche [Kogan Page].

4. Organization Development and Change [10th Edition] by Thomas G. Cummings and Christopher G. Worley [Cengage].

5.HRD, OD, and Institution Building: Essays in Memory of Udai Pareek Edited by T. V. Rao and Anil K. Khandelwal [Sage]

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