hrm&lr interview questions

HRM&LR – Interview Experience

The candidate has pursued graduation in Bsc (agriculture).

3 panelists were there- 2 Male 1 female

Extempore topic -Panchayats are outdated.

1st panelists asked me about my takeaways from my bsc (agri) graduation.

2. Why it took me 4 years for neet.(my 4 years gap period). I explained it by my learnings.

3.Gave me a situation- If I am given a 1 acre land will I be able to grow a crop. (I have done this in my graduation so answered it accordingly).

4.Who is the owner of Robin hood army (an NGO I worked for).

5. 2nd panelist asked me about an experience which impacted me personally because I have mentioned ‘a curious person’ in my DAF.

6. How did i prepared for this interview. Asked me to mention any two HR theories. Later was told to describe the same.

7.3rd panelist asked me when do we write thanks and regards in a content( because I have done content writing internship).

8. How many districts are there in Rajasthan. ( Because of my home state )

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