hrm&lr interview questions

Interview Experience – HRM&LR

Extempore: Tech Layoff should be regularised.
Gap – 1 year

Candidate has pursued Bachelor of Computer Applications from Jaipur National University.

  1. Introduce Yourself and Why HRM?
  2. Challenge he faces as House Captian in school time.(He mentioned in DAF)
  3. Learning from teaching kids in neighbourhood (He mentioned in DAF)
  4. How AI will take over humans in HR.
  5. Asked Question in HR Analytics (He was done certification course in the same)
  6. Recent changes in labour Laws.
  7. Had he read any book or did preparation for for the interview.
  8. Ravan Dhahan and it’s relevance in today’s world (The candidates managed socio-religious events in his society/community)
  9. Asked about HR Motivational Theory.
  10. Functions of an HR

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