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Books For TISS ODCL Interview

ODCL is the only course for which TISS has recommended books to read and questions from it always asked in the interview very overtly. At TISSNETPrep, we have provided the complete summary of books(in terms of notes & videos) for important topics which are asked in the interview as a part of course specific content. …

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SC Verdict on Hindu Women’s Inheritance Rights

 Supreme Court (SC) has expanded the Hindu women’s right to be the coparcener (joint legal heir) and inherit ancestral property on terms equal to male heirs. The judgment pertains to the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005. Key Points Current Ruling: It ruled that a Hindu woman’s right to be a joint heir to the ancestral property is by birth and does …

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Same Sex Marriage

Central Government opposed same-sex marriage in Delhi High Court stating that a marriage in India can be recognised only if it is between a “biological man” and a “biological woman” capable of producing children. Key Points Background: Petitions, seeking recognition of same sex marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA), 1955 and the Special Marriage Act (SMA), 1954, were filed …

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Maratha Reservation Struck Down

 Supreme Court (SC) declared a Maharashtra law which provides reservation benefits to the Maratha community, taking the quota limit in the State in excess of 50%, as unconstitutional. Key Points Background: 2017: A 11-member commission headed by Retired Justice N G Gaikwad recommended Marathas should be given reservation under Socially and Educationally Backward Class (SEBC). 2018: Maharashtra Assembly passed a Bill proposing 16% reservation for Maratha community. 2018: The …

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Ken-Betwa river interlinking project

Important topic for TISSNET as it is associated with environment,economy and living. The Union Cabinet has approved the funding and implementation of the Ken-Betwa river interlinking project at a cost of ₹44,605 crore at the 2020-21 price level.The Centre would fund ₹39,317 crore for the project, with ₹36,290 crore as a grant and ₹3,027 crore as a …

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