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Avantika Kalra is a student Economics from DU. She was also Millennium Fellow, Class of 2021 by United Nations Academic Impact. She represented Project RISE which is a voluntary collective program run by students of IPCW, University of Delhi for the welfare of visually impaired children. She has also done a certificate course- ‘Introduction to Data-driven policy-making’ , offered by CPPR, a think tank based in Kerala.

Extempore topic – Regional disparity in india

P1 –
Q1. motivation behind DS?
Q2. Diff between economic growth and development
Q3. Regression, price elasticity of demand, reason for neg. relation in price and demand (acads)

P2 –

Q1. Where do you see yourself in this space?
Q2. Policies with effective implementation
Q3. Globalisation

Q1. National mental health act (i had psychology as a GE)
Q2. You’re a development advisory professional, you’ve give suggestions to govt, for interventions in the mental health space, given that there are resources constraints.
Q3. Rationale behind SHGs, example
Q4. SDGs

P2 –
Thoughts on affirmative action

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