Important GK Topics for TISSNET 2023

Important GK Topics for TISSNET 2023

This complete checklist is made keeping in mind to get aspirants score maximum possible with bare minimum preparation. Note : This is not the complete exhaustive TISSNET syllabus but sufficient enough to get you a good score of 25+ out of 40 in GK section of TISSNET 2023.

There are two list given below. The first list is a very brief overview of the complete checklist which includes both Current Affairs and select static GK topics. Second Checklist covers every single important topics for TISSNET 2023 Current Affairs.

Current Affairs to be covered – August’22 to Feb’23

First List which is a very brief overview of the complete checklist

1.Major Schemes

2.FR/DPSPO/Important Articles

3.Land Mark Judgements

4.Books & Author

5.India freedom Struggle

6.Socio-Religious Reform

7.Important Days-Themes

8.Only Major Appointment

9.Political terminologies

10.Economic Theories


12.First In India

13.Environment & Ecology

14.Rank & Indices

Second Checklist covers every single important topics for TISSNET 2023 Current Affairs.

  1. GM- Mustard
  2. FIFA 2022
  3. Nobel Prize
  4. Official Entry to Oscar(2022/23)
  5. Padma Awards
  6. Budget Highlights
  7. Schemes
  8. Khel Ratan Award
  9. Russia-Ukraine Crisis
  10. Turkey/Pakistan Crisis
  11. Joshimath
  12. Cheetah-Reintroduction
  13. Agneepath Scheme
  14. Srilanka Crisis
  15. US Abortion Law
  16. Legal Abortion
  17. Bathukama
  18. Maharashtra Divyang Department
  19. Arunachal Pradesh Siyom
  20. PAVAZ Market Linkage Scheme
  21. Jharkhand increases reservations for SCs, STs, Others
  22. First Anniversary of Shoonya campaign
  23. Inclusion of tribes from 5 states in ST category
  24. Hughes-ISRO satellite internet service
  25. UP builds highest number of Amrit Sarovars
  26. Gayaji Dam: India’s longest rubber dam on Falgu river
  27. Kerala: Expert committee to study human rabies deaths
  28. 3 Indian Cities in UNESCO Network of Learning Cities
  29. Rajasthan Job guarantee scheme
  30. Ladakh Night Sky Sanctuary
  31. Meghalaya : Rural Backyard Piggery Scheme
  32. Nuakhai agricultural festival begins in Odisha
  33. India-Bangladesh MoU on Kushiyara River
  34. PM inaugurates Iconic ‘Atal Bridge’ in Ahmedabad
  35. UP Parivar Kalyan Card scheme
  36. Kerala online monitoring system of medicines
  37. Chandigarh Airport to be named after Shaheed Bhagat Singh
  38. India’s first electric double-decker bus ‘Switch EiV 22’
  39. Jharkhand : Block chain-based Seed distribution
  40. ‘Dahi-Handi’ – Maharashtra’s Official Sport
  41. Mandla: First ‘functionally literate’ district
  42. PM to address Har Ghar Jal Utsav in Goa
  43. India’s ‘Panch Pran’ target for next 25 years
  44. ‘Golden Joint’ of Chenab Railway Bridge
  45. Haryana 2G Ethanol Plant
  46. Jharkhand Janjatiya Mahotsav
  47. PARVAZ Market Linkage scheme- Key Facts
  48. Bihar Astronomical Observatory in UNESCO list
  49. MP to get World’s largest floating Solar Power Plant
  50. Haryana: Cheerag Scheme Launched
  51. Assam ‘Mission Bhumiputra’
  52. CoWIN repurposed for Universal Immunisation Program
  53. Rajasthan all women-run cooperative bank
  54. Rajasthan: AI-based Lok Adalat
  55. DoT License for Kerala Fibre Optic Network (KFON)
  56. Kala Azar (Black fever) Case in West Bengal
  57. U.P Bundelkhand Expressway
  58. Chhattisgarh: World Bank-funded school project
  59. Nairobi flies (Dragon bugs)
  60. Anthrax outbreak in Kerala
  61. RPF: Operation “NARCOS”
  62. GI Tag: Mayurbhanj’s ‘Ant chutney’
  63. Delhi: New Assessment criteria for School students
  64. Uranium Mining in Rajasthan
  65. Assam Floods and Landslides
  66. Kerala Migration Survey
  67. Haryana- Israel Agreement on Water Management
  68. Tamil Nadu ‘Ennum Ezhuthum’ scheme
  69. U.P: Pilibhit Tiger Protection Foundation
  70. India’s First Display Fabrication Unit
  71. Shrisant Tukaram Maharaj Temple
  72. Rhino reintroduction in Assam
  73. Assam Baikho Festival
  74. New Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries of Maharashtra
  75. Bihar: Elephant rescue Centre at Valmiki Tiger Reserve
  76. NITI Aayog CEO on Aadhar
  77. Punjab ‘e-stamp’ Facility
  78. Bihar Caste-based Census
  79. Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 Campaign
  80. Project Vartak: Nechiphu Tunnel
  81. Draft National Data Governance Framework Policy
  82. SC Recognises Sex Work as ‘Profession’
  83. Swachh Survekshan 2023
  84. PARAM PORUL Supercomputer
  85. Rajasthan: Indira Gandhi Shehri Rozgar Guarantee Yojana
  86. ‘Mujib- The Making of a Nation’ Film
  87. Navdoot dual-mode locomotive
  88. Andhra Bauxite Mining Dispute
  89. Punjab ‘Lok Milni’ Scheme
  90. Ladakh: discovery of Madtsoiidae snake fossil
  91. Niti Aayog National Data & Analytics Platform
  92. Patwai (UP): India’s First “Amrit Sarovar”
  93. Kerala Tomato Flu Outbreak
  94. Cyclone Asani
  95. India’s first regional rapid transit system trainset
  96. Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train
  97. Odisha Tribal Health Observatory (TriHOb)
  98. Maharashtra Jivhala Scheme
  99. Agra: Vacuum-based Sewer System
  100. Kwar Hydro Electric project
  101. AAHAR-2022: International Food and Hospitality Fair
  102. Cosmos Malabaricus Project
  103. Raisina Dialogue 2022
  104. Registration of Overseas Voters
  105. Jorhat Green Hydrogen Pilot Plant
  106. Social Awareness and Action to Neutralise Pneumonia Successfully (SAANS) Campaign
  107. World’s Highest Tunnel at Shinku La Pass
  108. WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (GCTM)
  109. Rajasthan: First State to get L-root Server
  110. India’s New Chief of Army Staff
  111. Improving Iron Absorption from Grains
  112. World Bank Report on Extreme Poverty in India
  113. Mynvax: India’s Prospective Warm Vaccine
  114. Maharashtra Migration Tracking System (MTS)
  115. Use of Bio-Diesel in Diesel Locos
  116. Tamil Nadu: ‘Equality Day’ on Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary
  117. ‘Tree City of the World’ Tag
  118. World Bank on India’s Learning Poverty
  119. Nurse to population ratio in India
  120. Weapons of Mass Destruction (Amendment) Bill
  121. Rajasthan: Gangaur festival
  122. New Chemical Reference Material
  123. Arunachal Pradesh: Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
  124. India’s First Steel Slag Road
  125. 100% Electrification of Konkan Railways
  126. Assam-Meghalaya Border Pact
  127. Jal Shakti Abhiyan: Catch the Rain Campaign 2022
  128. COP-4 Minamata Convention on Mercury
  129. Srinagar Tulip Festival
  130. Mangaluru Kambala
  131. India TB Report 2022
  132. Clinical Trial in Ayurveda for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  133. Cyclone Asani
  134. GI Tag for Narasingapettai Nagaswaram
  135. Adavi Tribal Brand
  136. Vincov-19 COVID Drug
  137. World Bank’s USD 125 million Loan to West Bengal
  138. Women@Work (W@W) Programme
  139. Tamil Nadu Floating Solar Project
  140. India’s First Women-Owned Industrial Park
  141. Mission Indradhanush: Odisha Tops List
  142. India’s Largest Reclining Statue of Lord Buddha
  143. Dalit Bandhu Scheme
  144. Kaushalya Matritva Yojana
  145. Manas National Park- Rise in Tiger Population
  146. Jan Aushadhi Jan Jagran Abhiyan- Health Heritage Walk
  147. What is a Solar Tree?
  148. Meghalaya: Withdrawal of Consent to CBI
  149. Kerala Kaliyattam Festival
  150. State of India’s Environment Report 2022
  151. India’s first e-waste eco-park
  152. Indian Railway’s First Solar Power Plant
  153. FSSAI Health Star Rating
  154. Reports on India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Development
  155. Oil Discovery in Rajasthan
  156. Indian Army’s Bent-Toed Gecko
  157. SC on Krishna Water Dispute

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