Water Policy and Governance – Interview Experience

One of the students from the course, Water Policy and Governance, to know his TISS interview experience. He has pursued his graduation in B.Sc. (Chemistry). Later, he did his Post Graduate Diploma in HR and Admin from TISS only. Here’s his experience.

Extempore topic: “Discuss and debit on environmental pollution issues”

During his interview, following questions were asked: –

  1. Why this course?
  2. Have you applied for any other course?
  3. You have done PG Diploma from TISS, then why this course?
  4. Tell me about your BMC ward. How you can get help from them?
  5. Tell me about the problem of your native place.
  6. Are you interested in working in rural or urban area?
  7. The problem with “Mithi Nadi”?
  8. What is Interstate River Water Disputes Act in India?
  9. About “Har Ghar Nal Se Jal Mission”.
  10. How policy creates conflict between the government and public?
  11. What you know more about water policy?

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