M.A. in Social Work (Dalit and Tribal Studies and Actions) – Interview Experience

A student from the course MSW (Dalit and Tribal Studies and Actions), shared his interview experience with us. He has done his graduation in B.A. History and has also taken part in NCC. Here’s his experience.

Extempore topic: “Political history of marginalized group of Maharashtra”

For his interview, following questions were asked: –

  1. Tribal problems.
  2. Dalit problems.
  3. Questions related to his graduation degree.
  4. Tribes from his regions.
  5. About Dalit Literature.
  6. Do you follow any magazine or any news portal?
  7. If you get selected, in which particular sector do you want to work?

He said that most of the questions were related to his DAF. Also, he said that panelists were very helpful and cooperative.

His interview was for about 20 minutes.

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