Masters of Public Health (Health Administration) – Interview Experience

Another student shared his experience of MPH – HA interview. Here it goes.

Three panelists were there. His extempore topic was “Should India encourage Medical Tourism?”. Time period was as usual.

His questions for the interview are as follows: –

  1. Why do you want to choose MPH after BAMS as graduation?
  2. What other courses you have applied for? What is the first preference?
  3. What are health and wellness centers?
  4. What was there prior to HWCs and how is it different now?
  5. What role do you want to choose after pursuing this course?
  6. Difference between gender and sex.
  7. How is understanding this detrimental to social development?
  8. Opinion on social development status in Kerala.
  9. Urbanization index/details Kerala.
  10. Is social status of women reflective of this society?
  11. Literacy rat of India?
  12. Percentage of Indian population that are above 60?
  13. What is the relevance of Ayurveda in current situation?
  14. There is a notion that Ayurveda drugs (The panelist spoke about a news article he had read) may cause damage to liver, what is your opinion?
  15. Opinions on Governments promotion on Coronil?
  16. Can more research in Ayurveda turn out to be counterproductive?
  17. How is Ayurveda different in today’s world from Allopathy, and not similar to just a well-being-product?
  18. Why is Kerala and it’s healthcare one of the best in the state – opinion on that?
  19. Total fertility rate of Kerala?
  20. How does decreasing fertility rate have implications on a social level?
  21. What factors may have caused this decrease?
  22. How is decreasing TFR affecting the healthcare situation in Kerala?
  23. Is migration a reason for decreasing TFR – opinion?
  24. Response of the public in Kerala towards Alternative medicine?
  25. Response of public towards choosing Ayurveda for treating Lifestyle disorders?
  26. What is Medical Pluralism?
  27. Opinions on mainstreaming AYUSH?
  28. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

According to him, panelists were very cooperative. There was a minor instability in the internet connection. They were very patient and even suggested if I wanted to turn the off the video for better functioning of Zoom.

Time of the interview was 40 minutes.

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