M.A. in Social Work (Public Health) – Interview Experience

We talked to a student from the course MSW (Public Health). Here’s her interview experience.

There were three panelists. Her interview topic was “Honour killing in Rajasthan” (as she is from there). The provided time duration was as usual.

The panelists asked her following questions: –

  1. What is your motivation behind pursuing Social Work and that too in Public Health?
  2. Your views on social issues prevalent in Kerala (like PH, dowry deaths, etc.)
  3. Draw a comparison between the response by the 2 states towards handling Covid.
  4. Brief history of social work in TISS
  5. Books read on social work.
  6. Question on vaccine.

According to her, the interview was not specifically directed towards public work but socio-economic background of the concerned states.

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