Masters of Public Health (Health Administration) – Interview Experience

Here’s an interview of another candidate from the course, MPH – HA.

Her extempore topic was “Pros and cons of corporate hospitals”. Number of panelists and time were as usual.

Her interview questions are mentioned below: –

  1. Old population in Delhi.
  2. How did Delhi tackle 2nd Covid wave?
  3. About Human Development Index.
  4. What is development?
  5. What is health?
  6. What is public health in your own words?
  7. Difference between community and population.
  8. If not TISS, then what?
  9. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
  10. Roles of Health administrators.
  11. Administrative levels in urban and rural settings.
  12. Child Sex Ratio in Delhi.
  13. Questions on malnourishment schemes.
  14. Amount of population malnourished?
  15. Beneficiaries of Mid Day Meal, Asha, ANM, AWW
  16. WHO and its role.

Panel were very nice but they were very stat specific, according to her.

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