Master of Hospital Administration – Interview Experience

One of the students from MHA course, talked to us regarding her TISS interview. She shared everything with us in detail. She belongs to dentistry and pursued her Bachelor’s degree in BDS. Here’s everything you should know.

Extempore topic: “Role of ASHAs in Indian healthcare system.”

Following question were asked from him during interview: –

  1. Percentage of OPE in India and why is it that way?
  2. What is SDG and what are the health related SDG?
  3. What are few of the topics in our MHA syllabus?
  4. Have you applied for any other course and any other university and what is the status of that?
  5. Point out the flaws why Karnataka government couldn’t handle the second wave well inspite of having large numbers of doctors and residents when compared to any other state (since she belongs to Karnataka)
  6. Whether the Covid task force in Karnataka was satisfactory in terms of the members included in it?
  7. Would you give up your current admission if at all you get selected at TISS and reasons why you would opt TISS?
  8. Narrate your duty experience and how things functioned at CCC. (Since she had mentioned in her DAF about working as a Covid duty doctor)
  9. What are the current major setbacks in public healthcare in India?
  10. As a healthcare administrator how would you tackle this?

About the panelists, she mentioned that they were really friendly and waited till she finished putting across all her opinions patiently without any cross questioning.

Her interview duration was around 25 minutes.

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