M.A. in Social Work (Rural Development) – Interview Experience

One of the students from the course, Rural Development, got in touch with us to share his interview experience with TISS for the same. He has pursued his graduation in Political Science (Honors). Here’s what he mentioned.

Extempore topic: “Urbanization in India – Issues and concern”

For the interview part, following questions were asked: –

  1. Caste in voting behavior of people in India.
  2. Voting for national leader instead of local leader. Why this trend in India in recent years?
  3. Rise of BJP and decline of other national parties is leading India towards a dangerous situation. Is it right? How? Regional party role?
  4. What is social justice?
  5. Social justice by Robert Siriko?
  6. Why not CSE (Civil Services Exam)? Why this course?
  7. Bori baandh concept of Khunti District (National Award ).
  8. Water issues.
  9. Water act and water policy?
  10. Why there is discrimination in water distribution?
  11. Role of media in current scenario.
  12. Have you applied for any other course?
  13. What is your backup plan?

He said that the panelists were having certain connectivity issues, but all in all the interview went well.

Entire interview was for approximately 30 minutes.

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