Master of Public Health (Social Epidemiology) – Interview Experience

A student from the course, Social Epidemiology, shared her interview experience with TISS to us. She is a dentist by profession and had pursued her bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery. Here’s her entire interview experience.

Extempore topic: “Childhood Obesity – Acceptance of psychological treatment”

Following questions were asked in the interview: –

  1. Work Ex related questions, top 5 highlights/learnings
  2. Health indicators (4 to 5 related questions)
  3. False positive false negative
  4. NMR
  5. National Health Policies (any 3 with details)
  6. NCDs and lifestyle disorders
  7. Oxygen crisis
  8. SSR suicide social media trials related opinions
  9. Is competitiveness good?
  10. DAF related and personal thought process related questions
  11. About epidemiological transition.
  12. Early neonatal mortality and late neonatal mortality

The entire interview was for about 30 minutes.

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