M.A. in Social Work (Public Health) – Interview Experience

A student from the course MSW (Public Health), shared her interview experience with us. She has pursued her graduation in Bachelor of Home Science. Here it is.

Extempore topic: “Importance of women empowerment programs”

Interview round questions are as follows: –

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Questions from DAF.
  3. What you did in Mahila Hosing Trust.
  4. Why TISS and Public Health?
  5. Why public health and why not MA in Social Work?
  6. Health schemes of your state.
  7. Health scheme of MP for middle-class families.
  8. What work have you done for public health.
  9. Tell me about Right for Health.
  10. What is the problem in public health services?
  11. How we can solve it ? (and cross-question from her answers)

Her interview was for around 25 minutes.

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