Human Resource Management – Interview Experience

One of the students from the course HRM, shared his interview experience with us. He has pursued his graduation in Bachelor of Science from Dayanand Anglo Vedic college, Dehradun. Later he worked with Doon Youth Centre, an NGO that worked with street kids. He then did his post graduation in Master of Fashion Management from National
Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. He did his summer internship from Indian Terrain in Store Operations and Merchandise. After his post graduation, he got placed with Future Value Retail Limited and worked for eighteen months for Fashion @Big Bazaar and than Big bazaar brand. Here’s he complete interview experience.

Extempore topic: “Critical analysis of 4th industrial revolution in India”

Following questions were asked to him during his interview: –

  1. Why HR from marketing?
  2. Why do you think all business issue are people issue?
  3. Why not the executive course?
  4. You worked in future retail, marketing related question.
  5. Why were there protest in future retail store and warehouses? How you as a HR handled the situation?
  6. His KRA in future group. (long discussion)
  7. Why do you think all business issue are people issue? Explain in detail.
  8. Mr. GR Venkatesh – HR head of Reliance retail. Little talk about him.
  9. What would make me quit a job? He was given a situation.
  10. What would you keep in a job – money, status, glamour etc.
  11. Priority area as HR.

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