M.A. in Social Work (Community Organization and Development Practice) – CODP – Interview Experience

One of the students from the course, CODP, shared her interview experience with us. She has completed her graduation in B.Com. from Ramadevi Women’s University, Bhubaneswar. Currently, she is working with TCS as a trainee CBO Analyst. Here’s everything you should know.

Extempore topic: “Sustainable Development and India”

For her interview round, the panelists asked her following questions: –

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Why are you shifting from Commerce to CODP?
  3. Odisha is mining dominant, still it’s backward in the terms of growth. Comment.
  4. Say something about Narmada Bachao Andolan.
  5. Comment on gender inequality in India.
  6. Comment about the impact on education sector due to pandemic.
  7. Comment on the domestic workers condition in times of Corona.
  8. What issues are the most important to you? (she mentioned that lack of awareness in people bothers her and pushed her towards this sector. She also mentioned about the health condition of people)
  9. Comment on Odisha’s cyclone combat plan.
  10. What is the condition of tribal people in Odisha?
  11. Displacement and development can or cannot go together. State your views.

Her interview went well and was very much related to what she prepared.

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