M.A. Development Studies – Interview Experience

A student from Development Studies course shared her TISS interview experience with us. She has done her graduation in English Honors from University of Delhi. Here’s everything she shared.

Extempore topic: “MSME – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise”

Following questions are asked from her during the interview: –

  1. Why development studies?
  2. What is sustainable development? (she has studied about it)
  3. Sustainable goals in India.
  4. Casteism in India.
  5. Reservation in India.
  6. Favorite subject in graduation?
  7. Novels on women’s violence.
  8. How science fiction is in the real world? (she has this as a subject in her graduation)
  9. Population control bill in UP.
  10. Issues in rural development.
  11. Technology is today’s world – one advantage and one disadvantage.
  12. Which kind of novels you prefer in general?
  13. Any questions for us?

She said that the interview went well and was mostly related to her graduation and DAF. About the panelists, she mentioned that they were very attentive but didn’t cross questioned.

Her entire interview was for about 20 to 25 minutes.

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