M.A in Social Work (Children and Families) – Interview Experience

One of the candidates from the course, M.A in Social Work (Children and Families), got in contact with us and shared her TISS interview experience. She has done her graduation from Delhi University in the subject, Applied Psychology (Honors). Here’s what she mentioned.

Her 1st interview topic was “Farmers resistance”. As she asked to change the topic, the next topic she got was “Soft skills”.

After that, her interview round started. Following questions were asked from her: –

  1. Your motivation to join the course?
  2. Questions about the DAF.
  3. Mental health survey and act.
  4. Do you know that psychologists are less in number? If yes, then why are you applying for social work?
  5. About course preferences.
  6. About Juvenile Justice Act.
  7. Domestic violence and its factors.
  8. If you will become a social worker, then what all actions would you take for domestic violence workers?
  9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  10. Anything that disturbed you in the past weeks?
  11. Difference between children in conflict with law and children in need for care and protection.
  12. Different categories of crime mentioned in JJ Act.
  13. What are the new amendments in JJ Act, 2015?
  14. About public policy (as she has done a course regarding that)

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