M.A (Applied Psychology) – Interview experience

We interviewed a student from the course, Applied Psychology, to know her interview experience with TISS. She had pursued her graduation in Psychology, Sociology and English Literature (Triple Major). Here’s what she mentioned while talking to us.

Extempore topic: “Impact of divorce on children”

Following questions were asked from her during the interview round: –

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Tell about internships you have done.
  3. Tell what was your learning experience from those internships.
  4. Tell about Common Mental Disorders.
  5. Tell symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  6. Tell about your research.
  7. Tools used in your research?
  8. Why you did mediation?
  9. Scales used?
  10. Impact of green revolution on Punjab.
  11. One negative impact of green revolution in Punjab.
  12. What’s MSP?

About the panelists, she mentioned that they were sweet and nice. Also, they were trying to not give expressions.

Her entire interview was for about 20 to 25 minutes.

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