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Social Entrepreneurship – Interview Experience

Aishwarya Jadhav is a student at TISS’s online diploma course in social entrepreneurship program. She has done B.E in computer science from MIT Pune.

Extempore topic: Lockdown and it’s impact on migrant labour

Panel 1
Q.1 What is the motive of joining this course?
Q.2 What is the difference between social entrepreneurship and traditional business?
Q.3 What is social value?
Q.4 If you visit to a village and get to know about a closed Aanganwadi due to lockdown, how would you revise it again?
Ans. Firstly, identifying the actual problem would do a great job. Problems like migration of labour from cities to villages would have led women getting more involved in the household chores and other activities. Also providing them with more knowledge of the institution would solve the problem.

Q.5 How will you help women through social media?
Ans. Social media is a tool which connects people from different arenas and backgrounds together and spread awareness regarding different issues. It would be helpful in getting people know and change their mindset regarding different job roles and make them understand that those should not be male dominated.

Q.6 What are your thoughts to Atma Nirbhar Bharat?
Ans. This would help MSME’s to grow at global platform and get a position and income which would contribute to the country’s wealth and fame.

Panel 2
Q.7 What are the problems in accessing resources to the poor?
Ans There are two main challenges stated as Lack of awareness

Q.7 what do you think,will providing resources, funding and awareness to the poor section will help them and their condition?
Ans. Providing all these requirements to them won’t help a lot as they look forward getting and generating instant income due to lack of entrepreneurial skills.

She felt that the panel was really cooperative and friendly and tried making me comfortable by asking me for a break or if i need something. Also i enjoyed giving the interview and didn’t felt like was lagging somewhere.

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