MA Data Analytics – Interview Experience

Ankit is born and brought up in patna, He has completed his mechanical engineering from manipal institute of technology. During the pandemic ankit was deeply moved by the struggles faced by migrant labourers and was motivated towards social sector. Other than that he has a keen interest in cricket, and has always been involved in various club activities.

Extempore Topic: Role of Data Analytics in Good Governance

He discussed the topic in detail giving ideas on how government can incorprate data practices in making apt decisions,he also gave real world examples on how the bihar govenment uses data in the patna model


question 1: Introduce yourself to the panel.

question 2: why do you want to enroll in this course?

question 3: where do you see yourself in 5 years?

question 4: you’ve done research work in your college, tell us something about it?Ankit mentioned his research work in cooling of solar pv panels .


question 5: why do you want to persue data analytics?

Ankit talked about his maths background and his general interest in the subject, which were a crucial part in his choice.

question 6: Have you ever used MatLab?

Yes, He also specified the basic function of MatLab but was unable to specify individual functions.

question 7: what is a pie chart and what are pie diagrams used for?

question 8: Do you know about Pivot in Excel?

Ans: He wasn’t aware of it.

question 9: what is the use of differentiation in calculus?

He knew the use of differentiation and its practical application.He explained in detail.

question 10: What all problems can be solved through analytics in production line and what are its drawbacks?

He described that everything related to manufacturing, production and target deadlines can be easily tackled through data analytics but at the same time it cannot solve the behavioural issues in the production line .


He felt that the panel was exuberating a positive energy throughout the interview and felt really confident in turn. Furthermore he felt that the panel had in-depth knowledge on the subject matter and hence questions asked were also technical. The Mock Interviews at TISSNETPrep has immensely helped and he was prepared for most of the questions.

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