Segregation Of Enrolled Members

This Post is ONLY for previously enrolled members. Because of the change in admission process of TISS admission we will now segregate students on the basis of course they want to prepare for. CUET PG is course/domain specific test.

We will be segregating the member according to the Bundles that they want to opt.

Watch the above video completely to understand the segregation of Bundles and further details

Segregation Of Bundles

Bundle 1 – HRM/ODCL (MBA)

Bundle 2- MHA/MPH

Bundle 3 – Psychology

Bundle 4 – Development & Labour

Bundle 5 – MSWs

If the member do not belong to any one of the above mentioned bundles, they will have to wait for TISS notification for course mapping to CUET PG question papers. Meanwhile,these aspirants will be preparing only for Group A (General Paper of CUET PG).
Students who do not belong to these bundles are Environment Studies,Policy & Governance,LLM,Education etc.

1. Enrolled for Complete TURBO TISSNET Course –

A. Keep me in Only One Bundle – Rs. 29

B. Upgrade to CUET PG MBA (HRM/ODCL) + CMAT Course – Rs. 1199

C. Upgrade to 2 Bundles – Rs.1999

 D. Enrolled for Complete TURBO TISSNET Course – Upgrade to 3 Bundles-Rs.2999

Bonus – If you are upgrading two more bundle course of which one is MBA CUET PG(HRM/ODCL) , CMAT Course will be included by default.

2.Only Enrolled for TISSNET GK + Mocks

A. Upgrade to Only Mocks (20 CUET PG Mocks for MBA(HRM/ODCL) Will be provided – Rs.29

B. Upgrade to Complete CUET PG MBA (HRM/ODCL) + CMAT Course – Rs. 3699

C. Upgrade to any one bundle – Rs.2999

D. Upgrade to any two bundle – Rs.3999

E.Upgrade to any three bundles- Rs.4999

How does this segregation will work?

After you have paid, we will get your details and you to respective WhatsApp Groups. It will take around 24 hours to get you added to the respective WhatsApp Groups.

Are you still confused ?

We are flooded with text and call, it would be tough to attend you immediately. Please watch the above video,we tried to explain the complete process.

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