CUET PG – MHA Syllabus

Hospital Management (COQP22)

Exam Pattern

i. There will be one Question Paper which will have 100 questions.
ii. All questions will be complulsory.
iii. The Question Paper will have two Parts i.e. Part A and Part B:
iv. Part A will have 25 questions based on Language Comprehension/Verbal Ability,
General Awareness, Mathematical/Quantitative ability and Analytical Skills.
v. Part B will have 75 questions based on Subject-Specific Knowledge.

Note: There is negative marking of -1 for wrong answer and +4 for correct answer.


Hospital Management (COQP22)

1.Health and disease concepts

Various dimensions and determinants of Health, Measures and Indicators of Health and related
issues, Natural history of disease and sciences, Primary Health Care services, Hospital and its role
in health and diseases.

2.Environment and health

Effect of various factors like Water, Air, Light, Ventilation, Noise, Meteorological environment,
Humidity, Housing, Disposal of waste, Excreta disposal on health and wellbeing.

Basic concepts of Biological/Medical entomology &Insecticides, Rodents & related Disease,
Radiation, and Zoonosis on public health and health administration

3.Medicine and social science

Understanding the concepts in Sociology of health, Psychology and health, Social Psychology,
Family in health and disease in understanding health
Cultural factors in health and disease, Hospital Sociology, Social Problems and health. Basic health
economics, Social security and health of population

4.Hospital waste management

Basic understanding of sources of health care waste, Health care waste hazards, Method of
treatment and Bio medical waste management for health care administration.

5.Basic Epidemiology and population health.

Understanding population health and epidemiology, Rates, ratios and measurement of morbidity
and mortality of health and related parameters, Basic statistics of association and causation in
biological sciences. Concepts of disease transmission, Immunity, and immunizing agent, basic
understanding of disease prevention and control in India.

6.Basic understanding of biological sciences and life sciences

Recent developments in cell biology, genetics, pharmaceutical sciences, health care information
technology, nutrition sciences, diagnostics, bio-technology, vaccine development, and sanitation.

7.General awareness on healthcare.

Current happenings of healthcare and life sciences sector, population health, epidemiology, basic
public health and programs of India, basic physiology and anatomy of human body, society and
health, understanding hospital management, understanding of World Health Organization and other
bodies of International Health, basic issues and challenges of healthcare business verticals such as
pharmaceuticals, healthcare Information Technology, healthcare entrepreneurship, and hospital
management. Understanding of National Health Programs.

8.Introduction to Hospitals:

Types of Hospitals, Health system in India sub-centre, PHC, CHC, First referral units, Districts
Hospitals, Corporate Hospitals and Charitable Trust Hospitals.

9.Departments in Hospitals:

Clinical departments in Hospitals- Basic Specialization. General Medicine, Surgery, ODG,
Peadiatrics, Anaesthesia Super Specializations and Sub-Specializationsvin Hospitals- Cardiology,
Urology, Neurology etc.

10.Supportive Services in Hospitals:

CSSD, Pharmacy, Linen and Laundry, Food and Beverages, Dietery Services in Hospitals.

11.Engineering Services:

Heating, Ventillation and Air conditioning, Civil, Electrical, Water Supply.

12.Hospital Management Fundamentals:

Process of management, Principles of management , Accounting and Costing in Hospitals

13.Materials and Equipments in Hospitals:

Classification of equipments- Diagnostic and Therapeutic equipments, X-Ray, CT, MRI, PETCT,
Cath-lab, Dialysis, OT Equipments, Purchasing and Store.

14.Infection Control and BioMedical Waste Management:

Nosocomial infections and their Prevention, BioMedical waste – rules and regulations.

15.Legal aspects- Laws pertaining to Hospital and Health Care:

Consumer Protection act, PCPNDT act, Human organ transplantational Committees in the HospitalsICC Committee, Infection Control Committee, Ethical issues in Hospitals.

16.Management Concepts in the Hospitals:

Human Resources Management- Doctors, Nurses, Parramedics, Recruitment, Selection, Training
motivation, Finance Management, Budgetize, Marketing of Hospital services.

17.Disaster Preparedness and Hospital Management:

Types of Disasters, Disasters Management team, Various Codes used during Disasters.

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