Master of Public Health (Health Administration) – Interview Experience

A student from MPH-HA course shared his interview experience with us. He has done his graduation in Dentistry. Here’s his complete interview experience.

Extempore topic: “Population policy”

Questions asked to him during interview are as follows: –

  1. Have you ever been to Mumbai and TISS Campus?
  2. When did you complete graduation, how were the years spent after?
  3. What is public health?
  4. Did you go through the syllabus of HA? which was your favorite topic?
  5. Why HA?
  6. What is the difference between administration and management?
  7. Where do you see yourself working in future?
  8. What qualities do you have to work as a health administrator?
  9. What is your opinion about private sector health care?
  10. Why are non governmental organization required if there is already a governmental public health care setup? What role do they play?
  11. What major health problems do women face in rural and tribal areas? (his work involved this aspect)
  12. How did Maharashtra handle the Covid situation? Was it any better?
  13. What could we have done better?
  14. Most of your work is in tobacco cessation, is there a program in the country for the same?
  15. Who are ASHAs?
  16. They were incorporated in which program?
  17. What year?
  18. Why is tobacco such a menace? Any prevalent reasons?
  19. Do you have other preferences apart from HA..

About the panelists, he said that they made him very comfortable. They were also very understanding and considerate.

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