Development Studies – Interview Experience

A student from the course, Development Studies, shared her TISS interview experience with us. She has pursued her graduation in Civil Engineering from Veermata Jijabai Tehnological Institute(V.J.T.I.), Matunga. She had been also preparing for Centre and State Civil Service Examinations. Currently, she is preparing for SEBI Grade A, RBI grade B, M.P.S.C., post-graduate entrance and fellowship in development studies. She has also volunteered many social causes. Here’s her interview experience.

Extempore topic: “Space tourism”. She asked for another topic as she was not comfortable and the got the “Urban and Infrastructure”.

Following questions were asked during her interview: –

  1. What did you do after graduation?
  2. Subjects in last year of graduation?
  3. PPP model.
  4. PPP feasibility.
  5. Any teo projects in India about PPP?
  6. How civil work was affected by COVID?
  7. Why civil administrative services and not technical service?
  8. Something on civil engineering and history and asked to relate it to central vista project.
  9. Any town other than Chandigarh known for town planning?
  10. What facilities Chandigarh have
  11. Solid waste management and society.
  12. Is this problem specific to developing countries or present in developed countries as well?
  13. Problem of Kandesh Division.
  14. Division you belong?
  15. National Education Policy.
  16. Devolution of local governance in your state. Asked specifically about forest conservation.
  17. SC/ST population percent in your state.
  18. Reason for SC performing better than ST.
  19. Subjects in civil services?

Her interview went for around 30 minutes.

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