Master of Law (LLM – Access to Justice) – Interview Experience

We talked to one of the candidates of the course Access to Justice who appeared in the TISS Interview. He shared his interview experience with us.

The questions which was asked to him during interview were: –

  1. Principles of natural justice.
  2. Function of Ombudsman.
  3. Doctrine of ultra wires.
  4. Whether lok adalats are addressing the huge pendency of cases?
  5. Opinion on customary laws.
  6. Where does costumery law is mentioned in Indian constitution?
  7. PESA and authority under it.
  8. Difference between probation and parole.
  9. Acts and under probation, their years and mentioned under which act. What is jurisprudence?
  10. Why TISS?
  11. Have you applied for any other course too?

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