Master of Law (LLM – Access to Justice) – Interview Experience

Today, we talked to one of the student named Kritika Goyal, from the course Access to Justice, to know her interview experience. She has done her graduation in Law in the year 2021 from Amity Law School, Delhi, which is under GGSIPU. She has also done a 21 days internship program at National Legal Service Authority (NLSA). She had conducted a workshop on various social issues.

Now talking about her session, her extempore topic “Article 39 A”. She got 1 minute to jot down the points and 2 to 3 minutes to speak. There were three panelists to evaluate.

After this, her interview round started. Following are the questions asked from her: –

  1. About Manual Scavenging Act
  2. About UAPA
  3. Questions about menstruation, etc. (she mentioned about them in one of her workshops)
  4. Question related to Indian Evidence Act and why it is.

She mentioned that the panelists panelists were cross questioning a lot. They were also asking various follow-up questions.

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