Master of Public Health (Health Administration) – Interview Experience

We talked to as student from Health Administration course to know her interview experience. Here’s everything she explained us.

For the extempore, she got a topic “Digital Health in India”. Time provide was as usual. Number of panelists were three.

During her interview round, following questions were asked from her: –

  1. How are you?
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. What do you understand by public health administration?
  4. Difference between administrator & manager?
  5. What is resource management ?
  6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
  7. Role of NGOs ?
  8. Why do doctors refuse to work in rural areas?
  9. What will you do as a project administrator to tackle that?
  10. Tell me about WHO, PATH, SEARCH foundations.
  11. Violence against doctors – why?
  12. If legal backing is there, why are doctors still not going to rural areas?
  13. Why is rural health important ?
  14. Can’t we just let it go/ignore it?
  15. Why to reach the last mile?
  16. Does WHO do any ground work?
  17. Does it only do surveillance?
  18. What is WHOs work in India on ground?
  19. What about SEARCH ?
  20. What do you mean by people with different ideologies?
  21. What do you mean by inclusiveness?

About panelists, she said that they were cross questioning alot. But still they were polite and nice and tried to make her feel comfortable.

Her interview was for about 35 to 40 minutes.

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