Social entrepreneurship – Interview Experience

Before extempore they asked me about my gap year ( the aspirant is an Electronics Engineer and has been preparing for government exam for past 2 years) and future plans.
Extempore:- How entrepreneurship helps in development.

Interview :-
1) why you want to join this course.
2) How you see social entrepreneurship.
3) Do you know about the hardship of being a social entrepreneur.
4) Do you know about market research.
5) Have you ever done fundraising.
6) What is your expectation would you like to join corporate job or start your own business after completing this course.
7) You talked about downtrodden people, who are they ? And why they are downtrodden
8) Do you know or are you contact with any social entrepreneur in your state.
9) Do you know the reason behind starting sulabh sauchalaya.
10) Have you gone through the course curriculum and you see that helping you.

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