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Media & Culture Studies – Interview Experience

He is a film maker, from the southern part of India. He has gained 8 years of experience in various stages of film making. This includes editing, cinematography, on-set editing (spot editing) and finally writing a feature-length film script. While pursuing 11th class from government higher secondary school, Shoolagiri in rural Tamil Nadu, he got selected for a short film making workshop funded by UNICEF. Where his story got selected and converted into a short film. That’s when the aspiration to become a filmmaker took root in me. Eventually it got his to represent India in G-8 Summit.As a kid from the rural background, raised by a single mother, grandparents and being exposed to film making, he wanted to pursue something associated with it. Hence, he moved to Chennai to pursue visual communication.

Extempore : censorship in India

  • introduce yourself
  • other all questions from the DAF.
  • whatelse do you do to upskill yourself in media learning( candidate is in documentary making).
  • what are the books or articles you have read about media
  • what did you learn from your works you did in the past
  • what was the recent film you have watched.

The Interview was very detailed and lot of personal experience and cross questioning were done in the interview.

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