Master of Public Health (Health Policy, Economics and Finance) – Interview Experience

We interviewed one of the students who appeared in the TISS interview for the course, Master of Public Health (Health Policy, Economics and Finance). She shared her entire interview experience with us. Here it is.

Her extempore topic was “Obesity – Is it a personal or public health problem?”. There were three panelists to evaluate and time limit provided to her was as usual.

Now coming to her interview part, following questions were asked from her: –

  1. Speak about yourself in brief.
  2. Critical view of Ayushman Bharat scheme.
  3. Universal health coverage in india?
  4. What prompted you to take up finance of public health? Is it your first choice? And why?
  5. Tobacco control program.
  6. Steps government take to combat tobacco use.
  7. Describe situation of road traffic accident in India.
  8. Which state has maximum road traffic accident?
  9. Difference between morbidity and mortality?
  10. Indicator used to measure women development?
  11. What is PPP?
  12. Two advantages and two disadvantages if it.
  13. Census? Interval? Where can I get data related to death from?

Her entire interview was for approximately 30 minutes.

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