Human Resource Management – Interview Experience

On the 4th day, TISS started its interview for HRM. We talk to few of the candidates and got to know their experience. Here’s a detail from one of them.

There were three panelists as usual. He was provided with an extempore topic which was “Higher value train skills.”

His interview questions are as follows: –

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to join HRM?
  3. What is emotional intelligence?
  4. How and where did you use leadership as a tool in you organizational experience?
  5. How did you understand that leader invite change within themselves?
  6. What sort of experiences do you have for this course?

He said that panelists were asking direct questions and were comforting. But he said that they were quite interruptive.

He entire interview was for about 20 minutes.

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