Habitat studies and Disaster Management Programmes

Children and Digital Dumpsites

Note: This topic is important for TISSNET In its latest report “Children and Digital Dumpsites,” the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the dangers that discarded electronic devices or e-waste pose to children engaging in informal processing. Every year, over 18 million children (as young as five years old) and 12.9 million women work at these […]

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Importance of Blue Economy

Note: This article is important for TISSNET The loss of livelihoods and jobs is one of the most serious consequences of the pandemic. The water can be one of the paths to recuperation and progress. After the crisis, the Blue Economy holds immense promise for long-term economic growth and employment creation. India has a unique

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National Mission on Biodiversity and Human Well-Being

Since 2000, there has been a 7% decline of complete forests worldwide, and new estimates suggest that over a million species may be gone entirely in the coming decades. Climate change, as well as the current pandemic, will place extra strains on our ecological systems. These phenomena are not exclusive to India. Nowadays, it is

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