Water Policy and Governance – Interview Experience

We talked to one of the students from the course, Water Policy and Governance, and got to know about her interview experience with TISS. She has pursued her graduation in B.Com. Here’s everything you should know.

Extempore topic: “Role of women in managing water resources at house hold level.”

During the interview round, following questions were asked from her: –

  1. What is National water policy?
  2. What is Policy? Elements in policy making?
  3. What is Opportunity Cost?
  4. Name any environmental movement in India?
  5. What is reservation or affirmative action?
  6. What is cost principle?
  7. Being from upper caste, why do you think that you are supposed to be given reservation?
  8. What were the challenges you faced while you begin volunteer teaching in a school?

About the panelists, she said that they were quite confusing and were cross questioning a lot.

Entire interview was for about 20 minutes.

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