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  • It was in 2006, that MGNREGA was for the first time notified on an experimental basis in 200 odd districts across the country.
  • MGNREGA for the first time provided a legal guarantee for wage employment.
  • MGNREGA is considered as one of the biggest social welfare programme in the world. This programme has been designed as a poverty allievation programme.
  • It provides legal guarantee for 100 days of wage employment to every household in the rural areas of the country each year.
  • It combines the twin goals of providing employment and asset creation in rural areas.

Salient features

  • All rural households in rural areas, whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work eligible
  • Job card under the Act is the right of every rural household willing to work on NREGA and applies for it
  • Choice of works done through village level plans and 50% or more of work to be executed by panchayati raj institutions
  • Work focuses on areas like water conservation, land development, provision of irrigation facility on private land of people below the poverty line, rural connectivity etc.
  • Contractors are totally banned in NREGA works
  • Unemployment allowance to be paid if Government unable to provide jobs within 15 days of application. Social audit made mandatory

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  • Programme has led to creation of very important infrastructure for rural India.
  • Programme along with creation of infrastructure has alsto been able to uplift rural women, scheduled caste and scheduled tribe people
  • Out of the total jobs created so far, the percentage of hours put in by women has increased steadily, much above the statutory minimum of 33%.
  • Out of all the workers benefited under the scheme, the percentage of Scheduled Caste workers has consistently been about 20% and of ST workers has been about 17%.

Problem Areas

  • Success of the programme is very much related to the way of governance in the state.
  • Delayed measurment of the work leads to delayed payment to the worker.
  • Muster rolls are being falsely created to show the demand while there is none.
  • There is also the problem of elite groups within the workers capture most of the job cards.
  • Biggest problem associated with this programme is infrasctructure created by MGNREGA workers is not good enough.
  • There is also an allegation that scheme is not been able produce the amount of actual labour that is being demanded by the people.

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