TISSNET GK- Important Awards & Honours

TISSNET cannot skip asking atleast one question from this particular topic. So,read this blog 3-4 times so that you don’t forget any of the important awrds and its recipient that can be asked in TISSNET GK section.

Nobel Prize 2019

The Nobel Prize 2019 were announced recently in 6 different fields viz. Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, and Economic Sciences. The Nobel Prize distribution was first done on 1901. The winners will receive a full cash prize, valued this year at 9-million kronor ($918,000), a gold medal and a diploma

S.No. Field Winners Description Associated With
1 Physiology or Medicine William G. Kaelin (USA) for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability Harvard Medical School
Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe (United Kingdom) University of Oxford
Gregg L. Semenza (USA) Johns Hopkins University

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