Social Entrepreneurship – Interview Experience

Suraj Gautam is a student of Delhi University’s Delhi School of Journalism. Suraj began his
first business, Adhvika Enterprise, during the epidemic, supplying sweets, namkeen, and
bakery items throughout Jharkhand. Following that, he opened his own restaurant, Sunalika,
which is still going well. He is also interested in the stock market and cryptocurrency.
Extempore Topic : Women in entrepreneurship is an extempore topic.
He discussed the topic in detail with need, importance and citing few government schemes
and support like stand-up India , Bhartiya Mahila banks etc.

Who is a social entrepreneur?
Why is entrepreneurship crucial for women?
Panel 1
Question 1: As stated on his DAF, as he was already his own business.
Question 2: As he has done journalism; how will he apply these abilities in your future
entrepreneurship career?
Answer- he has developed an investigative mindset that aids me in successfully analysing
things, which will aid me in my career.

panel 2- Inquiry into turnover of the business.
Question 3: Why did he want to take admission in this course if he already has a successful
Ans- When He first started this path, he had no choice but to do so, but today he want to
learn by being with and around intelligent and like-minded individuals.
Q4 – Did he know know any TISS alumni for Social Entrepreneurship?
Q 5: Can you tell me about the problems in your hometown, Ranchi?
ans- economic insecurity is a huge problem, as the poor are becoming increasingly poor and
the wealthy are becoming increasingly wealthy due to unemployment.

Panel -3
Q 6: You mentioned cryptocurrencies; how will you use them in this situation?
ans- combining the handcraft sector with blockchain will result in a huge market for social
Q7: How can cryptocurrencies be used in social entrepreneurship?
ans- when we connect products to blockchain, it will assist buyers in ensuring that the
product is genuine and acquired straight from the producer.

Q8: Would he like to ask a question to the panel members?

ans- He wanted to learn more about TISS’s incubation centre. In conclusion, I was pleased with the interview. I didn’t feel like any of the questions were novel because I’d already practised them in Mock Interviews at He have also responded to all of the questions.

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