Rural Development and Governance – Interview Experience

We interviewed a candidate from the course, Rural Development and Governance, to know his interview experience of TISS. Here it is.

Extempore topic: “Sanitation Programs in India”

Questions asked in his interview are as follows:

  1. Have you gone through the syllabus?
  2. Are people from rural areas only understand Rural development?
  3. People from Jharkhand and Haryana are more inclined towards sports. Your views on this?
  4. Subjects you studied in graduation and questions further asked on that.
  5. Unique schemes of your state government?
  6. Career prospects.
  7. Aspects of human resource management you like?
  8. Tell us about Contingency Approach.
  9. Anything you would like to ask?

About the panelists, he said that they were helpful and cooperative.

His interview was for around 35 minutes.

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