ODCL Interview Experience

We interviewed one of the students who appeared in the TISS interview for the course, Organisation,Development,Change & Leadership,ODCL. He is a mechanaical Engineer from University of Pune. He has worked as

  • Business Development Engineer in Nikola Automation from Dec,2018 to Jan,2021.( 2years 1 month)
  • Business Development Associate in Byju’s the learning app from Jan,2021 to present.(5 months)

He shared her entire interview experience with us. Here it is.

Extempore: Gender and Wage difference.

Kulkarni mam:-

  • Introduce yourself & why OD ?
  • Book read for OD?
  • 2 things learned from the book

    Mulla sir(A renowned faculty in School of Managment Studies)-
  • Vertical to quickly reach to CEO position
  • Why leave marketing field for ODCL

    Aman sir-
  • History of tiss
  • Negative reviews about the previous organization, reason?

Overall the Extempore and Interview lasted 30 mins. The panlist were calm and were accepting.

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