ODCL – Interview Experience

Darshana is a Probationary Officer from 2019 at State Bank of India. She has pursued B.E Civil Engineering

Extempore: Atmanirbhar Bharat

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Why odcl?
  3. OD interventions in SBI
  4. If Reliance takes over SBI then what interventions. What culture changes
  5. Case based : If a family based business goes to a reputed mba college then how will you attract candidates?
  6. Diff between OD and HR curriculum
  7. Why Standup India is not successful?
  8. Background is Engg then Sbi PO. Mostly bank related questions. Two male one female panelist. One was Zubin sir. They were very cordial. Even helping with the answers. Went for about 25 mins.

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