MSW in Community Organisation and Development Practice (CODP) – Interview Experience

We interviewed one of the students who appeared in the TISS interview for the course.She shared her entire interview experience with us. Here it is.

She was given the topic for Extempore- Rising costs of weddings- burdens on households.

She was first asked to introduce myself academically and then tell about my motivation factors
which led me to choose social work in community organisation and development practices. She
belong to Delhi, hence afterwards I was asked about the governance steps taken by the Delhi
government in recent years.

The second panel member asked me questions based on her DAF, which was on child labour.
After that She was asked about NGOs name which are working for child labour. She stated three
names, after which a panel member asked me the differences in the approaches among those
three NGOs which She had given names.

Third panel member asked her questions based on what She had spoken in her extempore, about
Dowry. Panel members cross questioned me – Why do we tend to see dowry as a bad thing
always, we also give items to our friends as gifts. Then why and when we should criticise

She had incorporated the recent example of Kerela dowry suicide by a BAMS student in her
extempore that’s why she was also asked question, inspite of being from Delhi , why she had
incorporated specifically Kerela’s example when Dowry is a universal problem.

Overall the Extempore and Interview lasted 30 mins. The panlist were calm and were accepting.

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