Masters of Social Work (Mental Health) – Interview Experience

As the TISS proceeded forward with their interview sessions, we got in touch with another candidate who appeared in the interview for the course, Masters of Social Work (Mental Health). She has done her graduation in B.Com.

There were three panelists altogether for the evaluation.

As soon the candidate joined the session, the panelists introduced themselves. After that they informed her that there will extempore followed by interview round.

She was assigned with a topic which was “Examination as a source of stress”. After that, she was provided with a time duration of 1 minutes to gather her points about the assigned topic. She was allowed to speak for minimum 2 minutes and maximum 3 minutes.

It was then followed by interview round, where the panelists directly started with questions. Some of them are:

  1. As you are from commerce background, why do you want to switch?
  2. What are your experiences in the field of mental health?

She informed us that the questions were interconnected and the panelists were cross questioning. For instance, when she said there are mental health crisis in India, they asked her why does she thinks so, etc.

The questions were related to the particular course only. She also informed us that the panelists were chill and relaxed. They were quite understanding too. They were questioning mostly from the DAF.

The interview continued for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

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