Masters of Public Health (Health Administration) – Interview Experience

With the conduction of TISS interview on full swing on the third day too, many students from Masters of Public Health (Health Administration) appeared for their interview rounds. We talked to one of them.

As soon as she entered into the session, she was provided with an extempore topic by the three panelists. Her topic was “Preparedness of Indian healthcare for the pandemic”. 1 minute to jot down her points and 2 to 3 minutes to speak was given to her.

As soon as she was done with extempore, her interview round started. They asked her following questions: –

  1. What do you understand by public health?
  2. What is public health apart from the one mentioned in your course?
  3. Who is responsible for this?
  4. What do you understand by LGBTQ+ community? Why they are discriminated?
  5. Who are all other people who face discrimination apart from LGBTQ+?
  6. How much we are prepared as a country for the third wave?
  7. What are the indicators of health?
  8. What is development?

She said that the panelists were basically wanted to know her point of view about health. They also asked her why she has opted for this specific course.

She informed us that the panelists were cooperative and easy to be with.

Her interview was for about 30 minutes.

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