Masters of Arts (Organization Development Change and Leadership) – Interview Experience

On the third day of TISS interview, we talked to another candidate from Masters of Arts (Organization Development Change and Leadership) to know his interview experience.

The session started with three panelists assigning him topics for extempore. They given him a choice between two topics. His first topic was “Family owned business and non family owned business” and his second topic was “reverse globalization ( as he is from political background)”. The time duration was as usual, 1 minute to collect points and two to three minutes to speak.

Interview round was compromised of following questions: –

  1. Asked him about his city.
  2. About the books that were recommended to read.
  3. About the challenges you faced in your business.
  4. Topics related to his graduation subject.

He informed us that panelists were a bit interruptive and had high time in getting convinced easily. If they were not convinced, they ask him to convince them with valid points.

His entire interview session was for about 25 to 30 minutes approximately.

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